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How I passed Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam

I started working with Kubernetes in 2018 (about 3 years ago). In 2019, I successfully migrated a production application into an AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster. I’ve been managing that cluster for more than 2 years. All this made me confident that it would be easy for me to pass Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator logo
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Single-node Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi

I’ve recently got a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB. I wanted to have one just to try running Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi. Most resources on the web seem to be for a huge cluster with a dozen nodes but I wanted to do it with a single node.

Picture of raspberry pi 4 with black case running
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B in its case

Operating system

As the operating system I choseĀ  Ubuntu because of its Pi support even though I prefer Red Hat based distros. Continue reading Single-node Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi

Cheap & durable keyboard & mouse set by Logitech

As a programmer I care about the keyboard and mouse I use whilst working. I’ve been a fan of Logitech since I was a teenager. I loved Logitech GT27 steering wheel, their mice, and keyboards which I used when I was younger. I guess I have a bit of a bias on Logitech products. Read my review to decide whether my bias shows.

I’ve been using Logitech K270 keyboard and Anywhere MX mouse for 9 years. I’ve bought the first keyboard and mouse set in 2012 (9 years before this post) and got a second pair in 2016 (5 years before this post). I use one of the pairs for home and one for the office.

Logitech K270 keyboard

Logitech K270
Logitech K270 after years of use

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UEFI and GPT Mess with Windows 10 and Linux

Operating System not found

I’ve recently bought a Dell XPS 13 9350.


I tried installing Fedora on it but the installer was not able to detect the SSD. I tried disabling UEFI and it worked. The problem was that as soon as I disabled it I was no longer able to boot into Windows 10. I tried different combinations and every change that resulted in Fedora installer seeing the drive, broke Windows 10 boot setup. I thought I would be able to enable UEFI after the setup and use Windows 10 whenever I needed it and decided to install Fedora.
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Aptio BIOS USB Boot

Recently I bought a Samsung NP550P7C laptop. Today after a long wait I decided to reinstall Windows on it. So I copied all the files onto my USB stick and tried to boot into the installation. When I went into the BIOS I couldn’t find the USB stick in the boot list. After learning that the BIOS is Aptio I did some Google searches but found nothing. Continue reading Aptio BIOS USB Boot