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Go Program for a Unique Twitter Profile Banner

Do you think your Twitter profile banner is boring? Do you wish there was something that could rotate your Twitter banner images? Maybe what you want is to brag about your Twitter account statistics on your profile banner to make a unique Twitter profile banner. This article showcases a Go program that does just that.

Landscape image showing clouds and grass generated by the program. Statistics: 217 Following, 68 Followers, 461 Tweets, In 0 lists, Located in London, UK, 2021-11-26 23:27 UTC, https://git.io/JMOjc
A Twitter Banner generated and uploaded by the program

Retrieve User Statistics from Twitter

We will authenticate with Twitter API using OAuth 2.0 to retrieve the statistics for the given Twitter profile. To achieve this, we need the Go oauth2 package.

You can find the code for user data in user_data.go.

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