Install Mozilla VPN RPM from Binary on Fedora

Mozilla VPN is a VPN solution that uses the WireGuard protocol. Unfortunately for Fedora users, there’s no official guide on installing it for Fedora. That said, since 6th July 2021 there are Mozilla VPN RPM packages on GitHub Actions. This article will show you how to get these RPMs.

Mozilla VPN screenshot showing location selection and VPN switch

Mozilla VPN GitHub repository

Go to the Mozilla VPN GitHub repository by following this link:

Find a release

Navigate to tags created for the git repository. Alternatively, you can follow this link:

Tags in Mozilla VPN Client GitHub repository. Available tags: v2.6.1, v2.6.0, v2.5.1
Tags in Mozilla VPN Client GitHub repository

View tag

Click on the version tag you’re interested in. We’ll use v2.6.1 for our example. As it can be seen below, there is a link to

Tag v2.6.1 - Link to go to the tree view is underlined in red on the top left
Tag v2.6.1 – The link to go to the tree view is underlined in red

Navigate to the GitHub Actions workflow run

The last commit is visible at the top of the file view. Press the X (or tick if that’s visible to you) next to the short commit hash. From the build popup click on the “Details” link next to the “Linux Packages” workflow run.

Access the last commit build status by clicking the "X" to expand the build status information, followed by the "Details" link next to the "Linux Packages" workflow run
Accessing the last commit’s build status

Exit to the workflow run summary page

You’ll see the details of the particular workflow run you selected. From that page follow the “Summary” link

Workflow run details. "Summary" link underlined in red
Workflow run details

Scroll down to the artifacts section and download the RPM Build artifact

You’ll see the “artifacts” section at the bottom of the workflow run summary page and follow the “RPM Build” link.

List of artifacts available to download for the workflow run. "RPM Build" link underlined in red
List of artifacts available to download for the workflow run

Extract the zip file

By following the “RPM Build” link, you’ll download a zip file named “RPM”. Extract this zip file to see the contents.

Contents of the RPM Build zip file. /tmp/mozilla_oradwell0/RPM Build/RPMS/x86_64/mozillavpn-2.6.1~rc43-1.x86_64.rpm
Output from “tree” command for the zip file

Install the RPM using DNF

Navigate to the “RPMs/x86_64” directory and install the RPM using DNF. You can use the following commands to install the RPM:

cd "/tmp/mozilla_oradwell0/RPM Build/RPMS/x86_64/"
sudo dnf install mozillavpn-2.6.1~rc43-1.x86_64.rpm


Hope you were able to install Mozilla VPN on Fedora using the Mozilla VPN RPMs available in their GitHub repository. Please let us know below if you had any issues following the article.


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5 thoughts on “Install Mozilla VPN RPM from Binary on Fedora

  1. I was not smart enough to be able to install it with these instructions. Even I tried very hard…

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Unfortunately 2.9.0 has dropped the RPM build. Also in the release page the link to the tree view (with the luggage label icon) has moved from the left column to underneath the version number.

  3. I found that I needed to be signed into my Github account for the “RPM Build” link to be clickable, otherwise the link was not there. Thank you for providing these instructions.

  4. Brilliant instructions, thank you! Got it all working for Fedora 36 using the latest Mozilla VPN build.

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