Hidden Method of Sharing Another User’s Video on Twitter

Do you hate that videos in quote tweets are smaller on Twitter? You may also want to remove the text of the tweet and share the video only. If you noticed a text “From <user>” under some posts with videos, you have seen these kinds of posts already. We can call this directly sharing a video on Twitter.

Screenshot of a Tweet directly sharing a video from BBC Archive
Tweet containing a video from BBC Archive

Videos in retweets are smaller

If you don’t know how to share a video directly on Twitter, you are probably using quote tweets or retweets. Although it is fine for most cases, this may not be what you want.

Quote tweet of a video on Twitter

Retweets aren’t really your tweets

When you don’t want to add a comment on the post, you can just retweet the original tweet. However, with this method, the retweets, likes and the comments on this tweet will continue to go to the original tweet.

Retweet of a video post

Directly sharing a video on Twitter on an iOS device

There are a couple of ways of sharing a video from a tweet. For example, if you are on an iPhone or iPad, you can tap and hold on the video and select “Tweet Video”, as explained here. However, you can only do this if you’re on iOS device so the method on this article is better as it works on every platform.

Directly sharing a video on any platform

All you need to do is to construct the video URL and include it at the end of your tweet. While that sounds complicated, it should be easier to understand when you see the steps.

Step 1. Find a tweet with an original video

Firstly, you have to find a tweet with an original video that you want to share. Because this method only works with original videos, it is very important to choose a tweet that will work. So any video tweets that have “From <username>” cannot be used with this method. You’ll want the full tweet URL without any additional query parameters like the following:


Step 2. Append video number to the URL

Secondly, depending on how many videos there are on the tweet, figure out the number for the video you want to share. For example, “1” is the first video, and “2” is the second video. So you’ll append this as “/video/1” and “/video/2” respectively. See the following example for the complete video URL:


Step 3. Include the video URL in your tweet

Finally, you need to include the video URL at the end of your tweet. Please note that the URL has to be at the end of the tweet and you can only share 1 video in a tweet.

Video URL added to a tweet to share the video directly

Final words

Hope you found this guide helpful. Let us know in the comments if you have any issues with this Twitter video sharing method.


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