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Easy Backups to Google Drive on Linux

I’ve recently set up automated backups to Google Drive on my CentOS 7 Linux VPS to protect my blog posts from data loss. I don’t know why it took so long for me to care about backups of my own data. I chose to back up to Google Drive since I already have a Google One plan that has plenty of available storage space.

Screenshot from Google Drive showing 4 compressed files backed up in rclone/backup folder
Four compressed files backed up in a Google Drive folder
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WordPress Backup Script

Recently I remembered that I had this little handy script that I used to backup my WordPress blog. The script contains only 2 actual commands.

I used nice while compressing / uncompressing the files to avoid CPU throttling since my blog is running on a shared hosting server.

This WordPress backup script doesn’t work without user interaction since it needs you to enter the password. Continue reading WordPress Backup Script