5 Foolproof Pointers to Achieve Perfect Sourdough Bread

Would you like to bake the perfect sourdough bread? Is your bread not getting enough rise? Are you not seeing the ‘ear’ on your bread? This post will get you there!


1. Use water to achieve steam

If you’re a home baker you’re unlikely to own an oven with steam functionality. In that case you should put a tray of water in the oven to achieve steam. Steam slows crust from forming and helps bread to rise. You’ll need to take the water tray out mid-way to let the crust go golden brown.

2. Score after crust is formed

If your dough is not strong enough the cut may shut too early making your score ineffective. Ideally you shouldn’t need this but it may be useful if you’re unable to strengthen the dough.

3. Score with an angle

When scoring your dough hold the lame (or a very sharp knife) at a 45-degree angle. This will help you get the “ear” on your bread.

4. Dust with rice flour

Is your dough sticking to your banneton during proving process? Maybe you should try dusting the banneton with rice flour instead. Because rice flour is gluten-free it’s great at preventing the dough from sticking.

5. Use a Dutch oven

LE CREUSET Cast Iron Signature Round Casserole, 30cm - Cerise
LE CREUSET Cast Iron Signature Round Casserole, 30cm

I don’t use a Dutch oven myself but it is another great way of getting the bread some steam to help it rise. You’ll need to take the lid off mid-way to allow the crust to go golden brown. You’ll need a 30cm / 12″ Dutch oven to make use of this tip.

Final words

Perfect sourdough bread is not easy so hopefully these tips will help you get to that perfection.

Recommended tools

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