Philips BG2036 Body Groomer Battery Replacement

If you own a Phillips BG2036, you probably had it for a while because it’s quite an old product. Certainly, by now, its battery is not functioning as good and you probably need to replace it now.

Philips BG2036 Body Groomer and its accessories

Replacing Philips BG2036 Body Groomer Battery

Started getting no shave out of my body groomer after 4 years of use. Basically, I kept getting red blinking light after 3 minutes of use. In the timelapse below I take it apart and replace the batteries.


Do you think it’s easy enough to replace the Philips BG2036 body groomer battery? Either way, let me know if you have any issues replacing the battery by commenting on the YouTube video or on here. Finally, if you prefer to buy a new one I recommend Phillips One Blade Pro which I use for my face.


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