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Expert Update Statements with Joins on MariaDB

You can use UPDATE statement in Structured Query Language (SQL) to modify values in the matching rows. However, only some people know that you can use JOINs in UPDATE queries. For example, by using JOINs we can retrieve additional data from other tables or exclude some rows from our update. Soon you will learn how to write update statements with joins on MariaDB / MySQL.

Update statement with multiple joins shown in a database manager
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WordPress Backup Script

Recently I remembered that I had this little handy script that I used to backup my WordPress blog. The script contains only 2 actual commands.

I used nice while compressing / uncompressing the files to avoid CPU throttling since my blog is running on a shared hosting server.

This WordPress backup script doesn’t work without user interaction since it needs you to enter the password. Continue reading WordPress Backup Script

ISO-3166 Country List for MySQL

Country tables are useful when you need a select box containing the countries in your application. It is a must have when you have multiple rows with country fields. ISO-3166 is the standard for 2-letter country codes so this post will show how to import ISO-3166 Country List for MySQL.

I showed every way possible to import the table. Hopefully everyone can benefit from this post.

phpMyAdmin screenshot of ISO-3166 Country List for MySQL
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