Cheap & durable keyboard & mouse set by Logitech

As a programmer I care about the keyboard and mouse I use whilst working. I’ve been a fan of Logitech since I was a teenager. I loved Logitech GT27 steering wheel, their mice, and keyboards which I used when I was younger. I guess I have a bit of a bias on Logitech products. Read my review to decide whether my bias shows.

I’ve been using Logitech K270 keyboard and Anywhere MX mouse for 9 years. I’ve bought the first keyboard and mouse set in 2012 (9 years before this post) and got a second pair in 2016 (5 years before this post). I use one of the pairs for home and one for the office.

Logitech K270 keyboard

Logitech K270
Logitech K270 after years of use

Key noise: Key presses make noise which is great for feedback but not so great for others around you

Key build: On one of my keyboards Ctrl and C keys are difficult to press (which says a lot about my programming). The labels have disappeared on some of the keys

Feet: Foot of one of the keyboards broke and the others are a bit loose as their springs have lost. Replacements are available online but they seem to come without soft

Batteries: The keyboard is powered by 2x AAA batteries which last for about 6 months

Logitech Anywhere MX mouse

Logitech Anywhere MX
Logitech Anywhere MX after years of use

Sensitivity: I can confirm that it works anywhere as it says on the box. I use it on wooden table with grains. It has not lost its sensitivity over the years

Buttons: The mouse buttons had no issues in 9 years. It has full

Wheel: Wheel can be switched to fast mode which I never use. On my Fedora laptop I sometimes have issues scrolling but I imagine it’s to do with the driver software as both mice have the same issue and it never happens on Windows

Batteries: The mouse is powered by 2x AA batteries which last about a month or two

Logitech Unifying USB receiver

Unifying receiver is a great piece of technology. It works from about 3 metres without any issues so you can plug your computer to the TV and control it from the sofa. You get 1 receiver for each device. They can be stored underneath the device when travelling. One receiver is enough to control keyboard and mouse. There’s an unofficial software called Solaar on Linux for setting this up.


Given their price the keyboard and mouse are really durable and have very little issues, even on Linux. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to buy peripherals that last.


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