6 Toothpaste Tablet Brands for Complete Zero-waste Living in UK

The hardcore recyclers among us know that toothpaste tubes are very difficult to recycle. They contain a thin layer of aluminium and multiple types of plastic. The majority of the UK councils don’t accept toothpaste tubes. In the UK, Colgate partnered with TerraCycle so you can drop off Colgate products at a local TerraCycle drop-off location. Unfortunately, TerraCycle isn’t very easy to use as their drop-off points aren’t too close and are usually private homes.

It is best to avoid toothpaste tubes altogether and switch to sustainable toothpaste tablets. Thankfully here in the UK, we have quite a few toothpaste tablet brands to choose from. Below are 6 UK based toothpaste tablet brands that offer quick national delivery.

Toothpaste being squeezed onto a toothbrush and some generic tablets

Non Plastic Beach

Non Plastic Beach toothpaste tablets with storage tin

Oxfordshire based brand Non Plastic Beach is trying to eliminate single-use plastic from our lives providing a lot of products that contain no plastic. Non Plastic Beach Toothpaste Tablets come in a cardboard box with optional storage tin. Also, packs of 60 and 240 are available to purchase. At £4.17 per 100 tablets, it’s one of the cheapest toothpaste tablets that contain fluoride.


Georganics toothpaste tablets jar and 120-tablet refill box.

Georganics is a Sussex based dental brand founded in 2014. It is the only brand that doesn’t sell a fluoride-added version of its product. Georganics Fluoride-free Toothpaste Tablets come in a jar of 120 tablets or a paper box of 720 tablets. If you buy a 12-month supply of tablets (720 pack) in one go it is the cheapest option at £2.76 per 100 tablets. If you are buying Georganics tablets you can save by getting an 8.8% cashback from TopCashback using my referral link. You can also find Georganics on Amazon which may be cheaper if you get free delivery as an Amazon Prime member.


Parla toothpaste tabs with fluoride jar.

Pärla is a company focussing on toothpaste tablets. They’ve reached fame by appearing on Dragon’s Den on Series 18: Episode 5. As a company founded by 3 dentists, they should know what they’re doing. At the time of writing, they’re out of stock on their own website and it’s only available on Boots website in jars. At £7 per 100 tablets, Parla is the most expensive toothpaste tablet brand. Given their stock availability, it looks like they’re exiting the market.


Brushd toothpaste tablet jar

Brushd is a dental brand with a variety of innovative sustainable products. Their tablets come in fluoride-added and fluoride-free versions. It’s available in Boots and various sustainable shopping websites. Because of their very low £4.02 per 100 tablets price, it’s the cheapest fluoride-added toothpaste tablets available. It’s cheapest to buy from Wearth London as refills for £4.99 + delivery. You can also find Brushd toothpaste tablets on Amazon.


Wild Mint flavoured fluoride-added toothbrush tablets, Truthtabs from Truthbrush

Truthtabs are toothpaste tablets from Truthbrush complementing their bamboo toothbrush range. They only sell fluoride-added wild mint flavoured toothpaste tablets in packets of 62 tablets and 186 tablets. They’re priced at £5.38 per 100 tablets which are not on the cheap side.


ecoLiving toothpaste tablets with fluoride in a tin

ecoLiving has a lot of zero-waste products in addition to ecoLiving toothpaste tablets which you can buy from ecoLiving Amazon store page. At the time of writing their website doesn’t allow putting any products in the basket. You can either buy ecoLiving toothpaste tablets in a reusable tin of 62 tablets or in compostable refill pouches of 125 tablets with or without fluoride. They’re £4.60 per 100 tablets and it’s the cheapest to buy ecoLiving toothpaste tables on boobalou.

Comparison of Toothpaste Tablet Brands in the UK

Delivery price was excluded from price per 100. All products are listed in multiple shops which have different delivery prices. Depending on your basket you may be able to get free delivery.

Comparison of Toothpaste Tablet Brands in the UK. Non Plastic Beach, Georganics, Parla, Brushd, Truthbrush and Eco Living compared.


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