Embarrassment and Happiness

Last Wednesday (19.05.2010), my dad and I went to a petrol station in south of Cyprus at night time (Self-Service). Two women arrived just after we did, and started waiting inside their car. In a hurry, not to make them wait much, I put €25 inside the machine and my father started pumping. After a while, it slowed down before expected. Dad anxiously said that it was going to stop at €20. I didn’t want to believe since I would be to blame. But it stopped, when I was looking at the machine hopelessly, I noticed the lady talking to me. Without trying to understand which language she was talking I told my dad to look. Turned out, she had the opposite of what we had. She put €20 and pumped €25. That was when I understood what happened. The reason machine added 5 Euros to them was that I pressed OK before 5 Euro bill was accepted. You may ask “Where is the happiness?” She gave 5 Euros back to us. Knowing good people still exist is an awesome feeling. Unless she has told us we wouldn’t know whether the machine added 5 Euros to their pump or swallowed it.

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