National Vegetarian Week 2021

National Vegetarian Week 10-16 May - Veggie 1-2-3
National Vegetarian Week 2021

10-16 May 2021 is National Vegetarian Week 2021 in the UK. Veggie 1-2-3 is a challenge to get more people to try going veggie and raise funds for The Vegetarian Society.

I’ve been slowly coming off meat since 2015. I first stopped cooking meat and then I slowly stopped eating meat at restaurants.

Am I vegan or vegetarian?

I don’t consider myself vegetarian or vegan because I am not strict enough. My rule is if someone is cooking for me and everyone else at the meal is okay with animal products I’ll eat whatever is on the plate.

Last year, my diet was about 80% vegan and 99% vegetarian.

Last words

I think everyone should try to reduce their consumption of animal products both for well-being of the animals and for sustainable living.


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